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The Concept

Welcome to The Culture Expo, a weekend-long art festival celebrating urban arts culture and diversity. This event is in its 8th year, and since its inception as a tattoo festival, has evolved into a full art exhibition with components that include tattooing, glass blowing, street art, graffiti, car shows, skateboarding, and performing artists including a free to the public concert The concept of CultureX is to infuse urban experiences into our community and celebrate our local culture and diversity.

Since the Beginning 

 Almost an entire decade ago our friends at The T.R.I.B.E. Zoo started the 4-Ever West Tattoo Fest, Wyoming’s first-ever tattoo convention in the heart of Downtown Cheyenne.  As its popularity and event roster grew, so did the interest of our creative community. The festival quickly became a springboard for sideshows such as Paint Slingers, competitions, music, and more. Today, the success of this event has created a hub for our creative economy and the local community to come together in celebration and CultureX was born.  

Culture & Creativity

We believe culture and creativity are vital components to the success of a community’s growth. These are the things that make both current residents proud to reside here and perspective visitors curious about coming to visit us. The Culture Expo is dedicated to providing a platform for these elements to thrive.   

Our Events

The Culture Expo is a weekend packed full of free to the public events by the community for the community. Taking place from July 13th – 15th, 2023 “CultureX” features a collective of experiences standing together in the name of creativity and culture.

4-Ever West Tattoo Fest

It’s the event that started it all. The 4-Ever West Tattoo Fest features the best tattoo artists and shops from around the mid-west coming together to showcase their skills under the same roof.


Paint Slingers

Experience a weekend dedicated to alternative arts and culture at a one-of-a-kind event. Currently, on its 8th run, Paint Slingers is an annual street art festival dedicated to the beautification and revitalization of Downtown Cheyenne.

This event features a collective of muralists from around the region coming together to share their passion for paint as they work live on various walls around the downtown area. 

For 2023, Paint Slingers Artists will be focused on the 4th floor of the Spiker Parking Garage, completing work that was begun last year, and adding new pieces for this year!


Fridays on the Plaza

The City of Cheyenne’s Premiere summer festival. This event features a 14-week concert series straight from the heart of Downtown Cheyenne, The Depot Plaza.


The series has partnered with “CutureX” to provide world-class entertainment in concert form. Join us for back-to-back free to public concerts on July 14th and 15th.



Chalk Art

United Way of Laramie County will be bringing the 2023 ‘CultureX Chalk Art Competition,” where local artists of all ages can come show their talent through the art of chalk.